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It’s a story that’s being told far too often these days: a homeowner looks out the window in the morning, only to discover their car has been stolen from the driveway while they slept. The cost of vehicle theft in Canada in recent years has exceeded $1 billion annually, and without significant action, that number will only continue to grow.


A combination of component and vehicle shortages have made it very profitable for thieves to steal popular cars and trucks, and technology has made it easy. A thief can make off with a vehicle in less than a couple of minutes. And the effects of auto theft can be long lasting.


“Getting your car stolen will not only disrupt your daily life, but there is also considerable emotional distress it takes on your life as well,” said Elliott Silverstein, Director of Government Relations for CAA Insurance Company1 .


Auto theft can have a significant personal impact. Rising interest rates mean the cost of replacement is now higher, and limited availability means it’s harder to get the car you want.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Thieves rely on secrecy and time; the quieter and faster they can get in and out, the better. Thankfully, there are several tactics vehicle owners can use to reduce the risk of becoming an auto theft victim. Here are seven top tips from CAA Insurance:


1. Secure your parked vehicle with a steering-wheel lock, brake pedal lock, or wheel lock, such as “The Club.” Visual deterrents make it more likely that a prospective thief will bypass your vehicle for an easier target.


2. Keep your car key fob in a Faraday box or pouch to block its signal and prevent hacking.


3. Consider a professionally installed aftermarket immobilizer or tracking device.


4. Lock your doors (both car and home) and if you have a garage, park your vehicle inside it. If you own more than one vehicle, park the less valuable one nearer to the street so it blocks the higher-value vehicle.


5. Install motion sensors and a camera on your driveway to capture any activity.


6. Thieves can use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to unlock the doors and start vehicles. Cover the VIN so it’s not visible on the dashboard.


7. Always avoid leaving your vehicle unattended while it is running.


While auto theft is on the rise, these tips can help you avoid becoming a statistic, and significantly increase the likelihood that when you wake up, your vehicle will be right where you left it.


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